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Florida Power to Exercise Eminent Domain for Natural Gas Pipeline Acquisitions

Posted on December 14, 2013Florida Power & Light Company continues to expand its natural gas project by utilizing the power of eminent domain. Florida Power will be required to pay private property owners from the Georgia border all the way to Osceola County full ...READ MORE

Florida Passes Law Banning Texting and Driving

Posted on December 14, 2013A new Florida law went into effect on October 1, 2013, that bans texting while driving. Lawmakers are hoping that the law will serve as a deterrent for the many motorists who text and drive. However, the new law does ...READ MORE

State of Florida Amends Red Light Camera Law, Appeals Process

Posted on December 14, 2013Effective July 1, 2013, the State of Florida amended the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Program to allow motorists to request an administrative hearing to contest red light camera citations. The new law allows the motorist 60 days to pay the ...READ MORE